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The very foundation of a studentโ€™s success lies in the robust support system offered by the university. These facilities go beyond classrooms, providing a holistic environment that caters to academic achievement, personal well-being, and career preparation. From e-learning resources and academic advisors to counseling services and social events, Symbiosis International University equips its students with the tools and guidance to excel in their studies, adjust to a new environment, and develop the skills necessary to navigate the job market.

SIU Dubai offers the various services and facilities to enhance the studentโ€™s academic journey and overall well-being.

    1] Learning Resources:
    • E-Learning: Online learning portals and tutorials to support students anytime and from anywhere.
    • Library: A well equipped library with access to several online databases and e-resources.
    • Digital Tools: Digital tools for teaching and learning.
    • Ongoing Support: Regular training sessions to equip students to effectively utilize e-learning resources and gadgets.
    2] Personal and Academic Wellbeing:
    • Counseling Services: Advisors to discuss academic stress, anxiety, or personal challenges. Individual counseling, meditation, and yoga sessions (in-person or online) to support studentโ€™s mental and emotional well-being.
    • Academic Advising: faculty member as an academic advisor, providing guidance, support, and insights to help achieve the students academic and professional goals.
    • Career Advising: Interactions with industry professionals, Connect with corporate advisors to assist in making informed career choices, developing essential skills, and crafting a strong resume. Workshops, mock interviews, and group discussions will further equip students for a bright career.
    3] Facilities in Campus:
    • Prayer Rooms: SIU, Dubai has separate provisions for prayer halls for female students to perform their prayers and for attending any faith/ spiritual sessions/events.
    • Computer Laboratories: Well-equipped Computer Laboratories for students and faculty where Computer related courses will be taught. The Lab will also be available for students to do their research and complete their assignments and other projects.
    • Recreational Facilities: Adequate facilities are available for the relaxation and recreation of students while they are on campus and in between classes.

Website last updated : July 14, 2024