Prof. (Dr.) S.B. Mujumdar
Chancellor, Symbiosis International University & Founder and President, Symbiosis

Symbiosis was established in 1971, with the motto of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' the world is one family. Dedicated to promoting international understanding through quality education, Symbiosis is happy to now bring its commitment to a globally valued, multidisciplinary education to students in the UAE.

The university's strong global linkages are testament of its proactive approach to providing an internationalized learning experience to all its staff and students. The same standards of teaching-learning-research and pastoral care will create a conducive learning environment at its SIU, Dubai campus, leading to overall student well-being.

We look forward to welcoming students from Africa and Asia, in addition to the large Indian diaspora in the Gulf, tour new campus. This diversity will enrich the educational experience by bringing together perspectives from different cultural backgrounds. The focus on helping students realize their potential aligns with our broader goal of education, which is not just about imparting knowledge but also empowering individuals to reach their personal and professional aspirations.

Our emphasis on multidisciplinary education is forward-thinking. Encouraging students to choose courses from multiple disciplines and broaden their perspectives is rooted in the need to be aware of the interconnectedness of knowledge in the real world today. The overarching goal of creating globally valued graduates indicates our commitment to preparing students for success in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world.

This emphasis on diversity, multidisciplinary education, and international engagement will help us position SIU, Dubai as a hub for holistic and globally centered learning.

I extend a warm welcome to students to become a part of our rich legacy and experience the highest standards of learning at Symbiosis.

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar
Pro Chancellor, Symbiosis International University & Principal Director, Symbiosis

Symbiosis upholds its motto “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” the world is one family in all its pursuits. The diverse backgrounds of the students who come here from 85 countries from all across the world, contribute to an international environment. The wide milieu of ideas that are brought to the table through the interactions and collaborations among students both inside and outside the classroom are contributive in enhancing the students 'intellectual acuity.

The establishment of the Dubai campus is a significant step towards enhancing the inclusivity and diversity, that is predominant in all the Symbiosis' campuses. The University's global outreach and dedication to creating global citizens has been a guiding force behind its several initiatives.

As one of the largest Universities in India, Symbiosis has strong global linkages and an educational portfolio that boasts of excellent infrastructure, well-equipped classrooms, accommodation and an environment that assists students in realising their potential while embracing diversity. The interdisciplinary studies will allow students to choose from across multiple disciplines thus broadening their perspective and helping them gain knowledge of various domains, which makes them more adaptable to a global environment. I am sure that students from the Gulf region, West Asia and Africa, and a huge Indian diaspora in the Gulf Region, will benefit from this campus.

Through the multidisciplinary education at the Dubai Campus, we aim to create globally valued graduates and expose students and faculty to international, intercultural and comparative aspects.

On behalf of the University, I wish you success and welcome you to the Symbiosis family!

Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman
Vice Chancellor, Symbiosis International University

Dear Prospective Students and Parents,

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I extend my warmest greetings on behalf of Symbiosis International University as we embark on a momentous journey to establish our first-ever campus outside India, right here in the vibrant and dynamic city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Symbiosis International University has a rich legacy of over five decades, nurturing academic excellence and fostering a global perspective among students and faculty. Founded in 1971 by the visionary Prof. Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, our institution has been a second home for countless international students, embodying the ideals of "World as One Family" derived from Vedic thought.

The name 'Symbiosis' epitomizes the harmonious relationship we share with our international students, representing a mutually enriching bond between India and the global student community. Committed to promoting international understanding through the provision of top-tier education, we have proudly welcomed students from more than 85 countries, creating a truly diverse and vibrant learning environment.

Our journey continues as we extend our footprint to Dubai, the thriving heart of the United Arab Emirates. This new campus will offer a range of courses initially focusing on Management, Computer Studies, and Media. However, our vision is to expand into a broader spectrum of disciplines, including Engineering, Medicine, and many others, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience for our students.

As we set forth on this exciting endeavor, we are committed to upholding the same standards of academic excellence, cultural diversity, and innovation that have defined Symbiosis throughout its history. Our Dubai campus will not only provide world-class education but also foster a dynamic and inclusive learning atmosphere where students from diverse backgrounds can thrive and excel.

I invite you to explore this catalog and discover the myriad opportunities that await you at Symbiosis International University in Dubai. Whether you are a prospective student or a parent seeking the best education for your child, we are here to support your aspirations and provide a holistic learning experience that will shape your future.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Symbiosis family and to the exciting educational journey that lies ahead. Together, let us embrace the spirit of knowledge, exploration, and global collaboration.

Dr. Amitabh Upadhya
Executive Director, Symbiosis International University, Dubai


It is with a sense of pride and delight that I welcome you all to the newest branch campus of Symbiosis International University (SIU) in Dubai UAE, which is also its first overseas campus. Symbiosis carries a legacy of over five decades having carved out a unique niche for itself on the Indian educational landscape for its scholarly quality, high teaching & learning standards, and world-class infrastructure. Symbiosis is a highly ranked University and a first-choice institution for a large number of bright students, not only from within India but from around the globe earnestly following its vision of ‘'Promoting International Understanding through Quality Education'’. Synonymous for distinctive higher education options, Symbiosis hosts over forty thousand students, pursuing various under-graduate, graduate and doctoral programs in business management, computer technology, medical science, mass-communication, law, humanities and many more, from eighty-five countries at its multiple campuses across India that keep buzzing with academic, cultural and sporting activities all around the year.

At the Dubai campus, which is centrally located at the Dubai Knowledge Park, Symbiosis is initially offering three programs in Business Management (BBA/MBA), Computer Application (BCA) and Mass Communication (BAMC) with futuristic specializations such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Science & Data Analytics, Strategic Management & Leadership, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing & Advertising, to name a few. The curriculum is designed to inculcate knowledge, skills and competencies which equips you with futuristic tools, techniques and attitude to face the fast changing and often unpredictable world head-on, and succeed in pursuit of your chosen profession.

Symbiosis, following its core values of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family) and Diversity & Inclusion amongst others, is committed to bring to Dubai a distinctive dimension of academic rigor and practice, that matches the spirit of the dynamic and diverse environment of the United Arab Emirates. With the approval of the UAE Ministry of Education, qualifications offered by SIU Dubai, shall not only be internationally recognized but truly global in their applicability anywhere in the world.

On behalf of the Symbiosis International University, I invite you to join this unique family of professionals & leaders who are contributing meaningfully to their society and global community for decades. A wonderful opportunity awaits here to take you along a path of delightful learning that fosters a pleasant, spirited and compassionate personality. I wish you all the very best in your academic and professional pursuits.

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